Neeru Enterprises
Neeru Enterprises
Civil Lines, Rampur, Uttar Pradesh

Infrastructure & Facilities

Manufacturing Facility

  • Dedicated facilities for the manufacturing of

  1. Dihydromyrcenol
  2. Menthol & its derivatives

  • State-of-the-art facility equipped with sophisticated fractional distillation units, Menthol Bold Crystallization chambers, Flakes chambers and tanks with efficient & indigenously designed sparkler filters, silica filters, advanced centrifuges, vacuum dryers, etc  
  • Four fractional distillation columns of 700 mm  - 1000 mm dia.
  • One Pyrolysis plant
  • Two Glass Reactors
  • Eight SS Reactors
  • One H2SO4 Glass Dilution unit
  • Menthol & Derivatives
  • Eight deep freezing chambers of 4 tons capacity each in menthol powder section
  • Ten cooling chambers of 8 tons filling capacity each in menthol crystal section
  • One distillation column of 8 tons capacity
  • One fractional distillation column for 100 kgs capacity for cis3hexanol
  • Two reactors for making acetates & other products.

Research and Development

Research and Development
  • Quality Control and R&D Laboratory, fully equipped with state of the art testing equipments & pilot facilities
  • 5 GLC equipments with polar & non-polar capillary columns
  • Titration facility
  • Polarimeter
  • Refractometer
  • Melting point apparatus
  • Mini fractional distillation
  • Reaction vessel
  • PH meter

Packaging Menthol Crystals

Packaging Menthol Crystals
 Insulation is provided by the inner covering of  Thermocol and the crystals itself are packed  in
  two  polythene bags.
 Packed 25 Kilograms net in a fibre Drum
 1FCL contains 360 drums of total net weight  9000   Kilograms.

Packaging Mint Oil

Packaging Mint Oil
Packed 180 Kilograms net in Galvanized Iron Drums.

1FCL contains 80 drums of  total net weight  14400 Kilograms

Reach Us
Amrit Kapoor (Business Development Director)
No. 6, Saleem Manzil, Civil Lines
Rampur- 244901, Uttar Pradesh, India

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